Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

We are an up and coming team of engineers dedicated to solving pressing problems affecting real people. Our engineers come from a diverse background in both education and training. We represent the cutting-edge in hardware design, fabrication, and manufacturing. Our team takes a personal touch with our clients and responds to their specific needs. Our strong maker culture ensures flexibility and ingenuity in meeting your desires.

What do we do?

We design solutions to pressing problems. Our flagship product--Highpost--is the last word in small-scale secure transportation. If you need something valuable or sensitive delivered, our secure, real-time trackable, and user-friendly enclosure will ensure that your items get to where they need to go with a minimum of fuss and mental load. Our software engineers also apply their robust skills to management solutions and web design. Finally, we make your wishes a reality. Our mechanical engineers are inventors at heart, and design is their lifeblood. If you want it, we can make it.

How do we track our box?

Our client-focused, user-friendly website is designed with you in mind. FILL IN THIS PART. Our GPS chipset and software makes sure that we always know where your valuables are.

Why us?

Because you know us. We have gone the extra mile to get to know you and your unique situation, our team is available to you at your convenience. Our engineers have years of experience and the tenacity to get any job done.

How much will it cost?

We will work with you to find the best pricing arrangement for your specific needs. We pride ourselves on matching the fee to the customer in a detailed and individualized manner.

How does it work?


Hey, how can we reach you?

Email is best. Our team is available at your convenience. Please liaise with our Operations Manager, Leonard Ash: leonard@mindweaver.co